Let Us Go

Let us go far away where years are windows
where voices cry, though so far away they are heard
let us go you and I, to every street, every corner
in night falls sigh, which is always cold
though light shines
and loneliness protrudes from an old mans eyes
feeling sorrow, sharing with himself

Let us go where doors are closed
where welcome mats hide from smiling faces
where no tree grows
crushed faces lean on frozen shoulders to cry
let us go you and I to a place
where stale air scratches at our throats
so when we whisper our voices crack
when feelings can't explain our grief
we shake when we embrace
feeding our clasping souls
out of some orphans laugh
staring up at us with sad brown eyes
wishing on a motherless dream

Let us see you and I
that someone died
on a day that the suns warmth
brought sweat to my brow, as yours
the same day a woman fell to her knees and wept
over her beautiful flowers for so long
that her face became streaked and red

Let us hold each other close
laugh when others laugh

cry when others cry speak when others speak to us
but beckon silence when we are apart

      N.J. Hartney