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Freeze Dried Food Review - Diced White Chicken

We are considering purchasing a freeze dryer. We purchase a lot of food in bulk and hopefully will be successful fruit growers and are looking into freeze drying as a means of long-term food storage.

Before we plunge into the pricey purchase of a freeze dryer, we bought some freeze-dried food in order to do some taste tests. We are going to share our findings as we go along.

We opened the can to discover the chicken was about three parts large crumbles to one part chicken powder. Though that was disappointing, we plunged forward. You can see this in the photo.

freeze dried chicken

Directions from Honeyville Ranchers Cut White Chicken said to add two parts boiled water to one part chicken and let stand for 5-7 minutes. We did a second dish of one part chicken to two parts room temperature water, also for 5-7 minutes. We used 1/4 cup chicken and 1/2 cup water.

After rehydrating with boiled water.

rehydrated chicken hot water

After rehydrating with room temperature water

rehydrated chicken tap water

We drained the water - we thought the room-temperature hydrated chicken looked more appetizing.

We tasted - each had no taste. Just bland cooked chicken.

Next, I prepared my favorite gluten-free quinoa salad with chopped bell peppers, cucumbers and carrots with a balsamic vinegrette dressing. I eat this a lot because of my dietary restrictions and thought this would be a great way to test the chicken.

We refrigerated the salad overnight.

What a disappointment. The quinoa and veggies became darker because they had absorbed some of the dressing... they took on the taste of the dressing without losing their own tastes just as you would expect.

The chicken did not. The chicken barely turned darker - there was little to no absorption of the dressing, no intake of flavor.

chicken quinoa_salad

So, I ate my flavored quinoa salad with bland chicken crumbles and powder.

We decided freeze-dried chicken was a no go.

Then, after thinking about it awhile, I wondered if we only partially pre-hydrated the chicken and added extra dressing, would the chicken absorb and take on the flavor of the dressing? We will let you know.

Next, we will be experimenting with raspberries!

kate 1-1-2017