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Drip Irrigation and Square Foot Gardening

Square Food Gardening - Natural Raised Beds - Drip Irrigation

What do square foot gardening, raised beds and drip irrigation have in common. They work very well in concert with one another. Since we are mini-farming in our yard we wanted top create mounded raised beds that wind through the yard. We have a few hugelkulture mounds, and a few using straw and hay as the base, which will break down into a nice green manure.

We have created two zones for our drip irrigation. Once serviced from the front, the other from the back. Installing drip irrigation is pretty easy. You do not need to be a plumber to do take on this task. What I found in installing drip on mounds was to first create the feeds for the mounds and lay them out.

Drip run layout 1
Drip run layout 2

From there it is much easier to create the runs.

Drip irrigation run

What is really nice is that with a drip irrigation system you can place the emitters every foot which gives you a guide for your square foot planting. When you are planting on a slope with a drip irrigation layout you need to take into account that the runs on the slope are going to drip down. Only up on the crest are you going to get a distribution of water on both side of the irrigation line.

I also encountered a situation where the drip line was not flush with the soild. What happened is the line was slightly elevated and ran downward. What happened is the drip emitter drips and the water runs down the line and does not irrigate the area where the emmitter is installed.

Here are some pictures of our runs and starts.

drip irrigation run 2

drip irrigation run 2
drip irrigation run 3
drip irrigation run 4