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I love growing. There are not many things more rewarding than going out to your garden to collect the evening meal. Being able to harvest and replant seeds to grow again season after season is pretty cool.

Sea of Seeds

I write this four days before Christmas in 2016 knowing that our goals for gardening have changed. We had some decent gardens, but the harvest only took place over a three to four month period. We would like to see if we can extend this to nine to twelve months. Our first test is to start growing indoors using hydroponic soil. We would like to get to the first harvest by end of January, early February. We shall see. A lot of trial and error goes into growing. Our goal is to chronicle as much of the journey as possible.

Using the "eat your own cooking" principle we are making this site with us being one of the main customers. Hopefully as this part of the site grows you will find what we post to be useful. Do not be afraid to experiment. Do not be afraid to fail. A great deal of learning comes with our failures.