Angles and Dangles

Feet of Clay

by Russell Matthews

Healthy, Lush Green Lawns

Watering Your Lawn

Don't water on a fixed schedule, only when your plants tell you they are thirsty. Grass blades that do not spring back when walked on or bend away from the hot rays of the sun are cries for water.

General Rule of Thumb

Spring and Fall 0 to 3 deep waterings a month
Summer 3 to 4 deep waterings a month
Winter 0 to 2 if possible

Don't over water: Decrease the water you apply by the amount of rain that falls, but when you do water, apply one to three inches of water over the entire area(s) that require it.

Mowing Your Lawn

Suggested Moving Heights

Type of Grass Spring Summer Fall
Buffalo Grass 3" 3" 3"
Fescues and Mixes 3-4" 3-4" 3-4"

Insects, weeds, fungus, bacteria and disease are seldom problems in lawns maintained naturally.

SOIL COMPACTION: aerate your lawn using compost and rock powders and stop using chemically engineered fertilizer, pesticide, fungicide and all those other 'cides that eat you alive literally and figuratively year after year.