Angles and Dangles

Feet of Clay

by Russell Matthews

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Do you have feet of clay?

by Russell Matthews

Chances are you do if you live in this part of Oregon [Malheur county]. Thousands of square feet of sticky slime when wet and hard as adobe brick when dry. Old gumbo clay winning the battle?

BUT, DID YOU KNOW? That of all the known soil types suitable for sustaining plant life, clay based soils are second only to humus loams in their ability to store plant nutrients and as a growth medium.

That sand, sandy loam and sphagnum peat are the worst ammendments to mix with our native Oregon gumbo clay and cost more than the best ammendments.

That you can change your clammy clay soil and other soil types into a humus-rich plant growing factory for less than it costs to pot up a Geranium.

Well, not quite, but you can bet your old clay caked booties that it can be accomplished with far less cost and effort than you have been expending.