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Take the Trump for President Challenge

September 17th, 2016

Who should take this challenge?

What is the challenge?

I realize your time is valuable so I have tried to make your journey as quick as possible. If you are a decent person I cannot imagine you would not spend more than 15 minutes before you make your decision.

The Challenge

Trumps Position on Various Issues

This is a piece from the Daily Show. Trumps own words on various issues that he has made a part of his campaign. Air time 2:43 with 15 second commercial.


Trump and Facism

Again from the daily show. Air time 7:43 with 15 second commercial.

Trump and Authoritarianism


Proclaiming Our President is the Founder or ISIS

2:41. ISIS formed largely due to the destabalization of IRAQ after our invasion and dismanteling of the IRAQI Repbulican Guard after our invasion and toppling of Suddam Hussain based upon claims that he had weapons of mass destruction. It has further been revealed that the Bush administration knew prior to invading IRAQthat there was no evidence of weapons of mass destruction. At he time of our invasion the masterminds of the heinous 9/11 attacks, Al Qaeda, was not in IRAQ. This too was known by the Bush administration.


Trump Suggesting Through Innuendo the Assasination of His Opponent


Trump: "I could shoot someone and not lose any voters"


Trump Mocks Reporter with a Disability

0:45. What is even more astonishing is the mocking was based upon a claim that Trump made

1:02. The context for the mocking was made based upon Mr. Trumps claim (outright lie) that he witnessed "thousands and thousands" of people in Jersey City appluading when the World Trade Centers came down. The reporter merely reported Trumps statement to this affect back then. When asked he said he had no evidence that such an event happened, but was merely quoting Mr. Trump. There never was any video or evidence that thousands or even hundred of people in Jersey City or anywhere in America mocking the collapse of the World Trade Center towers.

Trump on Nuclear Weapons





Trumps Views on Woman

2:10. Take note of the crowds response.

Trump Suggests Russia Should Hack Clinton's Email

1:01. 30 second commercial. This is stunning on so many levels.

Trump on Waterboarding and Other War Crimes





Trump on Muslims


Trumps Narcissism and Delusion


Why Trump is Scary





Trump: Canival Barker


The steaks he is referring to were not being sold even though he claimed they were. They were sold through the Sharper Image catalog but dropped due to poor (almost non-existant sales)

He suggested the press check out his winery. Here is the Google return for that Winery.

Who are Trump Voters

These are the voters you will be aligning with.



4:14 .30 second commercial.




Is This Everything on Trump?

This is merely the tip of the Trump Iceberg. I have hundreds more to add to this, but want to publish what I have.