Angles and Dangles

Message to Republicans (not to be confused with conservatives): Do Not Screw Up America


Dec 2017

If you are a die hard Republican you will be getting screwed like the rest of us by the actions of your party. You would be wise to wakeup. But know this, the majority of us are now awake...

Trump did not win by a landslide. His victory ranked 46th out of 58. He lost the popular vote by close to 3 million votes. He won because he took 3 states by a grand total of 80,000 votes. You are asking Independents and Democrats to come together with Republicans after 8 years of obstructionism. I don't think so. You have control of the government. DO NOT screw things up.

For those of you with any sense of reason prepare for the worst. These folks have no clue how to govern, and unfortunately they now get to demonstrate this to us at our expense.

Trump Is an Illegitimate President, and very likely a crook of the magnitude that will make Nixon/Agnew and all his minions, 40 whom were indicted and/or went to jail look like Mother Teresa.

Saddle up my fellow Americans, hold on and be prepared for the wildest ride in American history since the civil war. Hopefully we make it to the other side with our nation still a Democracy and not in financial ruins.