Angles and Dangles

Documentaries To Watch

What does this have to do with "Living" and this website. Everything! As a consumer the choices you make serve to influence the goods we are all sold. The food you eat is the number one influence on your overall health and well being. Watch these trailers then watch some of these documentaries. These documentaries can be life changing.


Food Inc

An eye opening and riveting look into our food industry and what you can do as a consumer. This was the documentary that caused our family to change the way we buy and think about food.


Food Matters

The truth about the food you eat and what you can do to reverse chronic disease.


The Future of Food

A frightening and sobering look at genetically alterered and engineered food.



A solid documentary similar to Food Inc and Food Matters


Fork Over Knives

A wonderful and hopeful documentary with ample medical evidence to support a healthy diet as a major factor in fighting and reversing disease and health problems.


Supersize Me

The shocking truth about fast food and McDonalds.


The End of the Line

A revealing documentary on how over fishing is destroying our oceans.


GM Foods

A documentary on Monsanto. The company that brought you Agent Orange, DDT, and generically modified seed. This documentary is what is wrong with business and politics in America.




One of the most frigtening and angering documentaries that you will ever see.



An expose on bottled water that will make you angry and turn you into an activist.